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 Fabulously Fruity Granola

Fabulously Fruity Granola

It’s fruity and fabulous …
Our original recipe – oats mixed with all these healthy seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, chia & flaxseeds. Combined with honey, local rapeseed oil, cherries, cranberries, apricots and raisins.

….On yoghurt.. chilled  milk or almond milk or by the handful

Nourishingly Nutty Granola

Nourishingly Nutty Granola

It’s nourishing and nutty …
Almonds, pecans, hazlenuts,oats, oast bran, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, chia and flax, cranberries ,cherries

… we have it at Dizzybee with chopped fresh banana and cold milk, hard to keep to one bowl


Gluten Free Granola

Pecan and Maple Gluten Free Granola

No gluten, lots of flavour and texture!
Gluten free oats, gluten free bran,quinoa , puffed brown  rice, gluten free bran, pumpkin, sesame seeds  sunflower, flax , coconut flakes, pecans, cranberries .

….Lovely with milk , yoghurt or just by the handful.

Hidden Treasure Granola

Hidden Treasure Granola

The’ hidden treasure’ is the nutrient dense  milled sunflower, chia and flax and  Lucuma
oats, rye, barley,oat bran, chia, flax sunflower seeds , lucuma powder* raw cacao powder* dark choc chips and raisins.

My children’s favourite!

Grain Free Paleo

Paleo Grain Free Granola

Pecans, almonds ,cashews, hazlenuts, sunflower seeds, flax, hemp ,sesame seeds, pumpkin, coconut flakes coconut oil and local honey, goji and cranberries.

To be paleo perfect ,enjoy with almond milk, coconut milk or coconut yoghurt and berries .

Just as nice with dairy milk and yoghurt or just to pimp up your porridge .

Naturally gluten free

Why not download and print out the current Dizzy Bee Granola Menu featuring all our nutritious and delicious home baked varieties.