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October 11, 2022
Getting chilly isn’t it! Autumn has arrived and my mind shimmys over to food and coziness
( even more than usual!)
I will be mostly :-
Planning some conker collecting walks
Finding some great TV  ( Am loving Bad Sisters atm !)
Making LOTS of Hot Chocolates
Downloading Audiobooks and podcasts – please send me your fave reccos!
Baking often ….of course ..

I have devised an easy-to-make 5-minute Granola Bar recipe for those walks and school snacks.
see below…

Love these hazy Autumn Mornings 
So Quick Nick Granola Bars
120g Dizzy Bee Overnight Oats Mix 
 Creamy Chia and Coconut – no nuts               
  Very Berry and Almond ( GF)

120g Plain Rolled Oats
95g Honey or Maple
50g Butter or Coconut Oil 
Set oven to 180 C  ( 160 c Fan)
Find a smallish tray around 20 cm x 12 cm – Line with  baking paper
1) Place oats and Overnights Oats Mix in a bowl
2) Melt butter and honey in a pan or microwave
3)  Mix thoroughly
4) Now …here’s the important bit – press mix in really firmly – you can wet your hand so the mix doesn’t stick… and give it some welly!!
5) Bake for 16 mins
7) After baking place on a cooling rack for a few minutes then add a sheet of baking paper and a piece of card on top,  add few tin or something weighty to  press down further until cool- (this is my top secret best bar tip!!!)
8) Cool and set for about an hour before slicing and enjoying 🙂

Lovely with a cuppa !
Hello! Only Me!

You can mix this together with porridge oats and cook as usual to enhance your porridge too!
Busy bars a go go!

Have you noticed these ? We make two flavours both Grain and Gluten Free .
Fruit and Nut Protein Bar with almonds, peanuts and cashews  and Cacao Bar also full of nuts and topped with Dark vegan-friendly Chocolate – They come under a umbrella term Busy Bars as they keep you going when you are busy and need healthy fuel on the go!
Cacao Bar

Did you know you can save 5 % by monthly or two monthly subscription on our website.
You can buy our Freshly Handmade Nutritious delicious granola in pack size or larger kilo sizes .
We also  offer local pick up in St Albans  wednesdays and Saturdays 🙂
Many Thanks! Nicky xx

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